Friday, July 30, 2010

Interview with David Fernandez

Folks, I'm really fortunate to have something special for you this week. For the first time in a while, I'm not talking about MYSELF! =)

A friend of mine, David Fernandez (Better known as Turin-The-Forsaken on DeviantArt) has agreed to do an interview exclusively for this blog!

He's pretty well-known throughout the DeviantArt community, and it's a huge honor that he'd take the time for me to do this. So without anymore delay, here's Dave!

- First off, how did you get into Star Wars?

It was my dad who first got me into Star Wars when I was a younger, when the Special Edition Saga came out in 1997. Although I had seen the original versions when I was younger, I never really remembered much of the until I saw the new releases, then I was hooked. I didn't get to see it in the theaters, so my dad bought the trilogy on VHS, and he sat me down with him and we saw the whole trilogy together. He would tell em stories about how he saw "The Empire Strikes Back" with my mom, and when Vader was revealed to be Luke's father, people screamed and gasped all throughout the theater, and he felt like he needed therapy afterward. It was pretty life altering.

- Why is Star Wars so important to you?

It's important to me because it balances all of my favorite genres into one glorious story: Action, Adventure, Drama, Science-fiction, and fantasy. Its rare that you find a story or movie that combine all of those effectively. For a story maker, the possibilities are endless when it comes to Star Wars. Nothing is too far fetched or impossible, and that can allow for great artistic liberties to be taken. Plus, the whole history of the Jedi and Sith is so intriguing and interwoven, you can really spend years studying the culture. The whole "mystic warrior monk" thing is pretty sweet.

- What is your artistic background?

I've been drawing since as far back as I can remember. It started with drawing Sonic the Hedgehog and Ninja Turtles, you know, the kinds of things you would see in a Saturday morning cartoon line-up. I kept going at it and developing my skills until I got accepted to the School of Visual Arts, where I studied Cartooning, the art of telling a story through comic form. It was a great experience, and I got to meet some of my comic idols who taught there. No doubt that place helped me become the artist I am right now.

- You've done some really great Star Wars comics and art while attending SVA. Do you see yourself pursuing illustrating Star Wars professionally with Dark Horse? Or any other Star Wars media?

The idea of doing a Star Wars comic with Dark Horse would be amazing, but it would have to be a story I'm super interested in, and feel emotionally involved in. I've personally always wanted to make a Star Wars comic featuring an original Jedi character I've created and tell the story of his life, from the time he was a youngling, to his apprenticeship, his life through the Clone Wars, the eventual Jedi Purge, etc. Also, I'm a big fan of war movies like "Saving Private Ryan", and series like "Band of Brothers", and would LOVE to make a movie or series about the Clone Wars, shot in that same gritty and graphic style. I feel like there is a great story to tell about the Clones, and their relationship to their Jedi commander. All the depictions of the Clone Wars so far in media have shown it in such a noble aspect, and I think there is a more dark and personal approach that can be taken. War, no matter what kind, is ugly, and I think that side of the Clone Wars needs to be shown.

- What do you think of the recent Star Wars comic series Dark Horse is producing?

I think Dark Horse has a good grasp on the Star Wars expanded universe. They definitely take the the opportunities to explore every facet of the EU, and even think of things that no one had considered before, for example "Star Wars: Legacy". "Legacy" was probably my favorite of the comic series, because it offered a view of the Galaxy that would exist long after the death of Luke Skywalker and his companions. It is definitely a darker universe, giving off the same vibes as "Blade Runner", that kind of gritty feel, and also, its protagonist was much different than the rest of the noble Skywalker clan. Cade Skywalker was definitely the anti-hero type, with his rough and unforgiving demeanor, and the fact that he was hopped up on death sticks all the time, which was a great character touch. I think "Legacy" is one of their better series, and I hope they explore that universe even more.

- Are you currently working on any projects?

I'm currently working on a story I've been developing for the last few years, called "The Eclipse", about a yong man who possesses unique superpoweres (umbrakenesis, the ability to bend shadows to his will). It really revolves around his decision to be a superhero, even though he doesnt necessarily WANT to be one, and the choices he has to make when taking up the mantle of a crime fighter. Ive been working on the story for a while now, and hopefully when its ripe, so to speak, I can pitch it to those who would be interested.

- What is your next artistic pursuit?

I really want to get "The Eclipse" to take off and become something great, but after that, who knows? There are plenty of ideas that I've thought of that I'd want to develop, it all really depends on which one I can expand more than the others. The exciting thing about being an artist is that there are so many options open to you in terms of what to create and what to pursue. Maybe one day I can pitch the idea for a Clone Wars documentary-type film, or even a comic series that revolves around the exploits of a single character and his entire life. It really all remains to be seen, but sure looks to be an exciting road.

You can check out his AMAZING, professional-looking Star Wars work here, on his DeviantArt. Also, make sure you swing around to his full gallery and check out Eclipse! Finally, be sure to add him to your watch list if you're a member of DA. You won't be disappointed.

There's one more thing on the agenda this Friday: MY work! (Let's face it, it's my blog and I have to plug myself shamelessly) I present Week 3's Women of Star Wars sketch card...Juno Eclipse from The Force Unleashed!

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