Friday, July 16, 2010

See You At Celebration V!

Hey gang!

LOTS of news:
  • Still waiting on's big reveal of the banner...
  • Voting for the Celebration V Badges has gone on to the second round, and 3 of my designs made the cut! Thanks to everyone who voted for me! Results will be posted in the next entry.
  • I will in fact be attending Celebration V in Orlando, Florida on August 12th and 13th.
  • I'll have 100 or so professionally printed art post cards to be distributed at Celebration V! 5 of them are the same design of my Badge entries (Starkiller, Ackbar, Han/Leia, Luke/Yoda, and Ghost Kenobi), as well as a Dash Rendar, and finally, a pretty cool edit of the super secret table banner! Hopefully my friends at will allow me to leave some at their table!
  • Finally, the biggest news: Troy Alders with Lucas Licensing will be doing portfolio reviews on Thursday, Aug 12th & Sunday, Aug 15th. I'll be there Thursday with bells on. I have a lot of work to do!

Finally, because I'd like to start bringing some exclusive content to this blog and my website in general (other than my DeviantArt that is), here is the first of 10 WEEKLY WOMEN OF STAR WARS SKETCH CARD...Mara Jade!

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