Friday, February 25, 2011

Sketch Cards!

Early Wed afternoon, I woke up to a package that made its way to my doorstep, all the way from Spain. I opened it up, and here it is, and that's what I found!

If it looks familiar, it should! This Darth Revan sketch card belongs to Pablo Diaz. It was one of his many spectacular submissions for the recent Expanded Universe contest I held! I spoke very highly of this particular card of his to him, and how close this specific card came to placing in the top 3. Pablo took it upon himself to mail it to me as a gift!

And my normal sketch cards are on hold a few days to work on something special, but here's some digi sketch cards I've done as prizes for the recent EU contest!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Expanded Universe Winners!

The Expanded Universe contest is finished!!

Special thanks to the 22 folks who collectively submitted 102 sketch cards!!! You guys kicked serious ass!

Also, here's the 4th digital sketch card from my Order 66 story, Captain Craith!

Friday, February 11, 2011

"And A Gift!"..Gift, What Gift?!

A good friend of mine, Jeremy Jack, who I met during Sean "Cheeks" Galloway's Schoolism class. During the critiques, he became a good friend, and I was fortunate to share comments and questions about both of our work. Since then, he recently completed a 67-part-requestapalooza, which you can check out right here!

Anyway, Jer recently surprised me with an awesome gift, my character that I developed during Sean's class (and he was witness to), Master Peil Denn! He then provided me with the original lines so that I could color it myself, and it turned into a quick little collaboration that I was able to bang out between projects. I love, love, love the dynamic pose Jer threw him in! Awesome work as always, Jer! And thanks for the great surprise!!

And without further adieu, here's week 3 of my Order 66 Story, Scout! She was originally introduced in the Yoda Clone Wars novel, Dark Rendezvous. Since then, she's appeared in another novel, but my story was already in development at the time. I'm doing my best to bridge the gap in that Order 66 novel and mine, but there may be some contradictions. Hopefully not!

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Cool Feature!

So a few months back, an awesome Star Wars blog featuring custom figures done by various artist, posted this entry. Take a look at the backgrounds of the images...anything look familiar?

I got an email from a gentlemen (let's call him Darth Daddy!) informing me that they've just stumbled on my blog, after finding the Death Trooper image elsewhere! Cool! So they went ahead and added all my contact info in the post, which is VERY cool. You hear that, internet? People giving credit where credit's due!? That still happens?! Awesome! I'm glad courtesy hasn't been lost among all the trolling and fail pictures on the internet. Thanks so much for the plug, Darth Daddy & Elias!

You can check out their awesome blog by clicking right here! They've got some amazing work featured, so be sure to subscribe!


Also, here's week 2's Personal Order 66 Story - Digi Sketch card...Master Boid!