Friday, April 27, 2012

My Appearance in the Pit!

The good folks over at Galactic Binder invited me onto their official podcast, The Sarlacc Pit podcast last week, and it's available now! We had a blast talking Star Wars news, Clone Wars, our top 5 creatures, and they asked me about my career and current projects I'm working on. You can check it out on their site here, or can also get it on iTunes here!

And be sure to let me know your top 5 creatures!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Mars Attacks! Preview

I know, I know, more non-Star Wars! But hey, it's career-related, right? To the left is a preview of one of my 106 sketch cards for Topps' "Mars Attacks! Heritage" set!

More to come soon!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

SVA's INK iTunes App!

My Alma mater, The School of Visual Arts, asked me to do a few pages for their cartooning magazine, which is available FREE if you own the Apple products capable of viewing them! Simply shimmy on over to your iTunes store, and search for "SVA INK", and download the Spring 2012 issue! Or you can hit the links below:

You can find it for iPad HERE or for the iPhone HERE!

Once you've downloaded it, simply turn the "pages" to the table of contents, and tap the box with my name on it!

I was honored to do 3 pages of an original story for them (that's right, a comic that IS NOT STAR WARS!), and had a great deal of fun with the art and coordinating with the editor, Trent. If you're able to, definitely check them out! I'll also be posting them here and on DA in a few days for anyone unable to download the magazine. There's a lot of great comic art by other alumni, as well as faculty and students. Definitely worth a look!

A little about my story: Since I'm so strapped for time, I decided it would be the spiritual replacement for my Starkiller "Rendezvous with Death" story. Working on the Siren motion comic, as well as all of my paid work, I knew I wouldn't have much time to work on the Starkiller comic again, so I went ahead and used this opportunity to utilize the Alan Seeger poem that I dig so much. I hope you'll check it out and enjoy it!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

TSOD Promo Images!

Hey, all! Just wanted to share some promo stuff for my Siren of Dathomir fan motion comic, to be posted online for all to see (for free, of course) this summer. Hope you guys dig it! To the left is a simple promo image, while the image at the bottom is the image I'm using for my Facebook cover page. Head on over to my fan page and like it, if you dig! =)

Friday, April 13, 2012


Hey, guys! Just wanted to pop in and remind you all that commissions are open! The digital sketch card to the left is a more recent one I've done, after having played the first Mass Effect recently.

But anyway! You can check out my rates here.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

501st Celebration VI Sketch Cards

Thought you guys might want to see some of more more recent work! This is for the 501st's first ever trading card series, to be distributed at Celebration VI! It's an honor to have been invited to do some work for them!

The Siren of Dathomir: Motion Comic

So those of you that urged me to create a motion comic for my "Siren of Dathomir" web comic are in for quite the treat. I've successfully "scored" it to find just the right tone (and by "scored", I mean "found the right tracks from my iPod), have written new and improved dialogue, and am also writing a few new shots to tie the scenes together a bit. Color me George Lucas, because this will be my Special Edition! Anyway, the picture to the top left of this article is some brand spankin' new concept art for the project. I'm re-doing quite a bit of the backgrounds, and this is a new design for the Siren's domain. I dig it! It was inspired by background art from Samurai Jack!

And, wow, oh wow, wowza. There are some really, really, REALLY awesome surprises attached to this motion comic. Outside of my own involvement. I really wish I could say more, but I don't want to spill the beans yet. When I have more concrete things to talk about, I will. But this is going to blow minds. I'm not saying this with an ego, I just know it'll just flat-out make brains explode on the wall, because I'm still cleaning up pieces of my own cerebellum off my bedroom wall. And for those of you sneaks trying to guess, I WILL NOT CONFIRM OR DENY ANY SPECULATION. =) But I encourage it if it's something you'd enjoy, haha.

Get excited, guys. As it turns out, this is going to be even bigger than I ever thought it had the potential to be. And I'm really glad you guys convinced me to do it.

In the meantime, I was pleasantly surprised to see :iconchrisgemini: made this really cool tie-in comic page of what happened to the clone he designed in the original contest for the original Siren of Dathomir comic I did. It actually gave me an idea to make a quick montage with some narration in the very beginning of the motion comic, so I might go ahead and incorporate my own version of this scene too! If I can swing it, anyway. Check it!

UPDATE: Love for Baby Leah

UPDATE: You can find the current cards on auction here!

So these are 9 of the 18 cards I did for a very important art auction. For those of you unfamiliar with Baby Leah, she's a tyke that's been dealt a pretty rough hand, but has been a tough little cookie through it. In addition, there's been a HUGE outpouring all over the world to help Leah's family get through these tough times. To quote Lesley Farquhar's Flickr:

"We call her "Princess Leah". She suffers from a mitochondrial disease that has never been seen before, it took over 8 months to diagnose. She suffers from cataracts, seizures, has difficulty breathing, and spends much of her time sleeping. And yet, Princess Leah captured the hearts of Star Wars fans around the world, who are helping with her struggle to find a cure, and help her to live."

Anyway, I did these 18 sketch cards to hopefully raise a solid amount of green for her. If you want to know more about her and her fight, visit her blog.

And just in case you were wondering who any of them were:

Echo, Commander Fox, Boss
Commander Jet, Captain Rex, Commander Gree
501st Trooper, Commander Bly, Senate Shock Trooper

Return Cards!

Hey, guys! Just wanted to share my available Artist Proof cards from both the Avengers Assemble and Star Wars Galaxy 7 sets! All the Star Wars ones are almost gone, but the Avengers are all still available! Make an offer soon if interested. =)