Friday, July 23, 2010

TFN Voting Results...& More Work!

...Han/Leia won the honor of being the front of the FanForce/Jedi Council Forums (presented by badge, by one vote. =) Booyah! A humbling win, but a win nonetheless! If you're attending Celebration V, be sure to wear it yourself!

PreludeRM is the winner of the other side of the badge. You can check out his SWEET submission right here:

So in order to download and personalize your own name on my badge, here are your options:

Option 1

Simply follow this link and click on the "Click to start download..." option. Don't worry if your browser window resizes itself, for some reason MediaFire does that occasionally. Save the .zip folder to your hard drize, and unzip it by double clicking on it once it's finished downloading. Inside this zip folder are two files: A PNG file, and a Photoshop file.

The Photoshop file has a layer turned off that I've so far been using to personalize other peoples' badges. It is the Shadow of Xizor font (free if you Google it) with a white stroke around the edges to help the text pop a bit. The text on the left is also editable for those who wanted to customize that text as well.

Option 2

On the right side, click on "Download Image PNG 700x1000". A new window will open with a full size image. Right click the image, "Save Image As", and save to hard drive. Add your name, and presto!

If anyone is having any trouble, feel free to PM me, and I'd be happy to email you a JPEG directly if the .Zip, PNG, or PSD's are giving you any problems.

Thanks again for all your support, and I hope you enjoy wearing the badge!

I've ALSO been asked to create the fliers for the Pre-Celebration V party thrown by, as well as donate a piece of original art as a door prize! Now THAT is an honor! On top of it all, my previously submitted Admiral Ackbar badge has been converted into the Rebelscum Unofficial Wednesday Night Party Badge as well! More details on that to come. =)

Finally, as promised, here's Week 2 of the Women of Star Wars Sketchcards: Shaak-Ti!! Complete with a Sarlacc tentacle. ;) H'enjoy!

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