Friday, August 26, 2011


That's right, that's 60 copies of my new 2011 art book, "WTF! The Art of Joe Hogan", in-hand and waiting to be shipped!

* 36 FULL COLOR pages!
* A unique 7x9 inch landscape format!
* Plenty of new art, exclusive to the book! Not seen online or anywhere else!
* Revised art from old favorites to create new scenes!

The cost is $20 USD, plus $5 shipping for US residents or $10 for international customers.

Keep in mind that I've only got 60 copies in-hand, and I have 38 Pre-orders! That only leaves 22 copies to fly off the shelves (which I expect them to do!). Because of this, I won't be putting aside any for anyone who hasn't paid for the book, as I've heard and done that before (with sketch cards) only to get screwed! But if you want one of the first batch, order right away to guarantee a copy!

And here's the special news: If you pre-ordered early, you'll receive a FREE traditional sketch card of the single character of your choice (no restrictions), a $20 USD value commission! I'm extending this free sketch card offer to September 1st for anyone who didn't get a chance to pre-order. Don't miss out on the first wave!

I hope you guys really dig it, I worked really hard to put together plenty of new content for the book and to make a strong representation of my most popular work. Thanks to all of you in advance for supporting this would-be artist, and may the force be with you!!!!

IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!! How to order:

Make your PayPal payment to, and be sure to include the following:

- A title indicating it's for the 2011 sketch book
- Your full name and mailing address
- The free sketch card of your choice. I am extending the offer to September 1st. We can discuss those here first if you like!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Commissions are back!

Here's a look at two of the commissions I've been doing since starting up again! More to come soon!

The Siren of Dathomir - Page 3!

Another week, another page! Hope you all enjoy part 3 of "The Siren of Dathomir"!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

Commissions Are Now Open!

Well guys, it's that time again! Commissions are once again open. I've also added some new choices!

My rates:

Traditional work:
  • Sketch Cards Inked (Background color) = $10 USD Each
  • Sketch Cards colored with Markers = $20 USD Each
  • (Every 3 colored sketch cards you order, I'll do one free!)
  • (NEW!) 11x14 inch Jumbo Card + FREE sketch card = $50 USD
  • (NEW!) 18 x 24 Poster Card + (3x) FREE sketch cards = $100 USD

All originals mailed to you!

Digital work:
  • Full digital cinematic illustration = $50 USD flat fee (normally $100+!)
  • Digital Sketch Card (color) = $20 USD
  • (NEW) Digital Comic Page (ink, up to 5 panels) = $50 USD
  • (NEW) Digital Comic Page (color, up to 5 panels) = $100 USD
  • (NEW) Digital 18x24 inch poster (print-ready!) = $100 USD

No originals or prints will be mailed for digital work, but I'm more than happy to email the high resolution files to you! Including the Photoshop document, if you're interested.

Ask me about any other things you might have in mind that I haven't listed. Paypal is my preferred method (all payments to All payments must be before the work is given. Don't worry, I'm not a deadbeat! =) Also keep in mind that this is NOT strictly limited to Star Wars. I'm more than happy to do Original Characters, other established franchises, whatever! Just send me a note with what you want when you make your payment.

I'm more than happy to do as few or as many as you're willing to commission me for!

And here's the card of the week, Boba unmasked! This was another prize for the OT contest, but I loved it to much not to include it here!