Sunday, August 1, 2010


Howdy folks!

Special post today. While I'm away this weekend for a relaxing trip to Boston, I wanted to show this the moment I had the green light. I can finally show off the banner I've done for's FanForce & Jedi Council Forums:

Hope you dig it!!! Thanks to Dingo and Grimby the Hutt for all their help and communication throughout the process of finishing her up, and offering me the opportunity in the first place. Can't wait to see this baby in person at Celebration V!

You can ALSO check out the Jedi Council Forums CV page HERE, where you'll notice the current forum banner is my baby herself. =) Whether it's up at the time of this post is yet to be seen. I'll check when I'm home!

Finally, (the coolest perk of all, I think), here's the official article about me on revealing the banner.

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