Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Topps' Star Wars Galaxy 7

A special Wednesday post is in order this week! Why? What couldn't wait until Friday??...

I'm extremely pleased and honored to announce that I will be returning for Topps' set of Star Wars Galaxy, Series 7 sketch cards!

While I can't say how many sketch cards I'm doing yet, I WILL be taking requests as prizes for my final contest of 2011. That's right, I'm going to close 2011 with the top ten winners' requests as real Galaxy 7 cards, and 1st prize will actually have their request as one of my limited return cards, mailed to them! There will be other cool prizes too, but I thought we'd close 2011 with a bang, since I'm super excited to be returning to the Galaxy arena!

Details on the contest to come soon. Hope all you Star Wars fans participate!! Also, a week from today, the weekly comic pages resume with "Rendezvous With Death", starring everyone's favorite secret apprentice, Starkiller! Tune in next Wednesday!

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