Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Original Trilogy Contest

Calling all sketch card artists, digital and traditional alike!

I'm hosting a contest for the best Star Wars: Original Trilogy sketch cards. This can be digital or traditional, and you can submit as many as you like! And best of all, THERE'S PRIZES! Read the rules CAREFULLY so you're qualified for some prizes!!

  • Any character or scene featured in the Original Trilogy (A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, & Return of the Jedi).
  • Does not have to be a scene. Treat these like sketch cards!
  • No limit to the amount of submissions you can make. Big prizes, go all-out! Competition will be stiff.
  • It must be uploaded after this journal is live. Any submissions made that have a DA time stamp before this journal is posted will be disqualified. In other words, don't submit an old image for a new contest! Draw somethin new!
  • Submit any and all submissions IN THIS JOURNAL THREAD, AND HERE ALONE! No images outside of DA permitted as submissions, they must be on DeviantArt.
  • Any submission not pertaining to these rules will be displayed with all of the other submissions, but will not be eligible of winning any of the prizes.
Rules for Digi Sketch Card submissions:
  • Cards MUST be in a 2.5 x 3.5 ratio. Illustrations not in card format will not be eligible.
Rules for Traditional Sketch Card submissions:
  • All cards must measure 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

The deadline for this contest is 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time (New York), MAY 15th, 2011.

First prize:

  • Gentle Giant's Slave Leia Mini Bust!
  • One cinematic Digital Illustration by me featuring the Original Trilogy scene of your choice!
  • One Digital Sketch Card Featuring the OT Character of your choice!
  • One full color traditional sketch card featuring the OT Character of your choice!

Second prize:

  • Gentle Giant's Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker Mini Bust
  • One full color traditional sketch card featuring the OT Character of your choice!

Third prize:
  • Gentle Giant Prize TDB (I lost my job since buying the other two!)
  • One digital sketch Card featuring the OT Character of your choice!

You can see the current entries right here!

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