Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A New Alliance

The A-list of famous people that happen to be Nebraskan-born is a limited one. Larry the Cable Guy, Malcom X and Nick Nolte all randomly share the same home state, capping off a very small list of folks who've made it to the public eye. However, this list is about to be dominated by two very strong-in-the-force Star Wars Artists: Mick & Matt Glebe.

Back in January of this year, I had the pleasure of meeting these twins through the Star Wars Galaxy 6 project. They reached out to me, complimenting my work (flattery will get you everywhere), and mentioned also being Galaxy 6 artists. I checked out their DeviantArt, as was floored. THESE guys liked MY work?! YOWZA!

I'm ya daddy, noob!

These guys double-team (HIYO) a large amount of their sketch cards with their unique (yet nearly identical, between the two of them) style and use of traditional mediums. Many of their cards they tackle solo, but what would become their most famous and sought-after collectible eBay prey are the ones this dynamic duo worked on together. Their involvement with the Galaxy 6 series has already earned them a large following, too! With good reason, the sketch card forums were set ablaze the moment these two walked onto the scene.

Click me, baby!

They quickly and seemlessly earned a place among the Dungeon Doll sketch cards, as well as a prestigeous place in Dungeon Dolls history that I can't quite get into!

In addition to being fantastic artists, the Glebes are down to earth, funny, and decent human beings. I've had the pleasure of exchanging stories and even playing quite a few games of Call of Duty with them (those zombies aren't going to kill themselves, right?), and I can gladly say that these two talented souls are the pinnacle of tact and humbleness for the gift they've been blessed with. It's truly been an honor getting to know them, and building what I imagine will be a lasting friendship with them and the many people I'm proud to consider colleagues in this field.

The future looks bright for these guys. They've already got some other pretty damn impressive work on the horizon, with names that would make any would-be artist jealous! And without spoiling the surprise, the part I'm most excited about is the prospect of working with them on a yet-to-be-revealed concrete project in the near future. Glebes, let's knock it out of the park together!

You can check out their official website here, as well as hit up their DeviantArt gallery here.

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