Friday, August 20, 2010

Celebration V Experience Part I of III: TFN & Rebelscum

I I don't even know where to start.

My first ever autograph signing. Thanks to TFN!!!!

While the portfolio review was the biggest deal of the trip, I have to update this week talking endlessly about how welcome and warm the TFN and Rebelscum folks were. These people treated me like royalty in exchange for a few hours of my time to do some art for them. The concept itself is still hard for me to wrap my head around!!

First off, the Rebelscum Wed night party was AWESOME. It was a low-key gathering at Miller's Ale House, where the conversation with total strangers felt more like a reunion with long-lost family members by the end of the night. The gang was SO GREAT to talk Star Wars with, and were so kind with their words and support for my career. I really can't thank them enough! Quick shout out to Scott, Ryan, Ruark, Drew, Sarah, Greg, and Kerry for treating Joe Sorbera and me like brothers.

Last of the Rebelscummers!

But then I have to move on to the folks from These guys...blew my mind. They arranged for me to come to their booth for an autograph signing session (All 100+ art cards gone!!). They displayed my banner at their HUGE and AWESOME party. They (Matt) called me on stage to thank me in front of the whole crowd. AND, they (Dajuan) dragged me through a sea of people just to introduce me to Dave Filoni, the director of the Clone Wars. Their kindness and support had to be one of the most touching experiences I've ever had the privilege of taking part in. Can't wait to do the Celebration VI banner for them!!

Posing with Matt & Dajuan in front of the bad boy itself!

Mega, super, ULTRA thanks to Ben, Dajuan, Matt, and the whole TFN family for the simply unbelievable exposure, the biggest welcome, and talking up the giant storm of kind words.

I also wanna give a quick hey to Jazz, our new friend who came all the way from Norway! Dude is one of the coolest people we had the pleasure of meeting! You should see that full sleeve Star Wars tattoo he's got goin' on there!

Joe & I catching up with Jazz

Finally, I'll talk about the portfolio review and meeting all the AWESOME artists in the next Friday update. LOTS of awesome news there!! But first, here's Week 6 of the (now!) 15 set of Women of Star Wars digital sketch cards...Padme Amadala Skywalker! She's sporting the Skywalker Legacy, Anakin's lightsaber! I've decided to start taking some artist liberties with these sketch look for some cool little things like this in future sketch cards!

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