Friday, September 30, 2011

As You Wish Project

Helmet by Amy Provonost

Finally! Weeks ago, I teased with the notion of some really big news. Unfortunately, the announcement was pushed back, but no longer! With permission from Lucasfilm themselves, I now have permission to announce that I've been invited to take place in the 501st's "As You Wish" Helmet Project!

Last year, at Celebration V, a handful of absurdly talented artists and Star Wars celebrities took on the task of taking Stormtrooper helmets and making them their own. They painted, sculpted, and created some fantastic pieces of art that would later be auctioned off for the Make a Wish Foundation!

I'll be updating my blog,, with weekly updates on the helmet's progress once I get started. That's right, the 501st has asked us to document our helmets in stages to share with the world! I'll be showing you guys how my helmet goes from start to finish! =) And then, of course, it WILL be on display at Celebration VI, and then auctioned off for charity following the event!!!

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank Grant Gould for once again sticking his neck out for me and helping me get this gig. Grant, you are truly the man.

You can check out more about the As You Wish Project here!

And here's a gallery from the last helmet project!

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