Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Will Never Forget.

Ten years ago today, thousands of innocent people were lost here in New York City.

No matter how you feel about the cause or the effect of this day, there's no denying that September 11th of 2011 was a testament to the potential of courage, selflessness and compassion that we as human beings all possess. A huge percentage of the lives lost were everyday heroes, who risk their necks every day for the line of duty, to keep the rest of us safe.

I'd like to formally thank all of the troops, emergency workers, and civilians alike that had a positive impact on the lives of our fellow Americans that day, and in the days following.

This sketch card is for a good friend of mine who has gone on to become a fire fighter since those dark days for the United States. I'm proud to know him.

September 11, 2011. We will never forget.

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