Friday, July 29, 2011

Introducing the Hughes the Force Comic Book


I will no longer be referring to the BIG PROJECT as the BIG PROJECT, but now, it will be the "Hughes the Force" companion comic book!

This is Page 11 of 22 of the prequel story of the fan film, chronicling the events leading right up to it! It gives plenty of back story on the lovable nerds from the film, and it was a BLAST to work on.

I was responsible for the Cover and all 22 interior art pages, and had to get it done in time for Comic Con last weekend. Now you know why I've been so busy! It was quite a bit of work, but I loved every second of working with the HTF team. I also squeezed in a LOT of easter eggs of both Star Wars, and nerd lore in general. Be sure to check out the finished product when the Hughes the Force fanfilm debuts later this year!

Hit up the official site to follow the film at:

You can also check out ANOTHER preview HERE!

As promised, here's another weekly sketch card, which is actually a prize for the Glebe Brothers! Han Solo in his A New Hope duds!

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