Friday, September 17, 2010

Digital Sketch Card Tutorial

Hey guys!

I thought I'd try something new this week. I've put together a pseudo-detailed tutorial on how I do my digi-sketchcards, featuring this week's Women of Star Wars digital sketch card...Dutchess Satine in Mandalorian armor!

I know she's a pacifist, but I really love her character, and I'm sure she's proud of her Mandalorian heritage. I'm hoping that, at some point, she understands that war is a necessary evil sometimes, if the Separatists attach Mandalore or something! I really love the image of her in the armor, cuz I feel like she'd be a complete bad-ass in it.

This tutorial is to illustrate the usual steps that I take to go from start to finish on a given illustration. Since I do all my work in Photoshop CS3, you'll need CS1 or higher to follow along! Here's the tutorial:


So that wraps up week 10's Digi-Skecth Card. I can't believe it's 10 weeks in already! Only 5 to go, time to step things UP!

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