Friday, September 3, 2010

Celebration V Experience Part III of III: Artists!!!!

Okay, last post about CV. I promise. It's been over for almost a month already!

I just have one more round of people to thank for their warmth and time: The OFFICIAL STAR WARS ARTISTS!!

I got to briefly talk with Tom Hodges, Grant Gould, Lee Kohse, and Spencer Brinkerhoff III, and they were fantastic! But some artists were kind enough to even pose for pictures after offering some really fantastic advice: Jan Duursema, Matt Busch, Katie Cook, and JAKe!

With Jan at TFN's Party.

I ran into comic goddess and legend Jan Duursema twice: First at CV, where she autographed a free postcard for me! I told her how long I've been a fan (Since the early Republic days!), and it was great to meet her. Then again at the TFN party, Matt Long re-introduced us, and she complimented my banner! I was lucky enough to get a quick photo with her as well.


Up until now, I thought Ray Park was the nicest bigshot in the Star Wars business. Then, I met Matt Busch. I've been a longtime fan of his, and have always loved his You Can Draw Star Wars videos, so meeting him was awesome! He's probably the biggest thing to happen to Star Wars art since Ralph McQuarrie. This guy was already busy selling prints, and yet Matt took the time to compliment MY work (he loved the Ackbar card!) AND leave his table to come around and get a photo with me. This guy is truly a class act, and I can't say enough about him. Thanks, Matt!!

With JAKe!!!

JAKe was another class act all the way. He took the time out to talk to me and offer me advice TWO DAYS IN A ROW! He gave me a lot of constructive criticism about keeping my Star Wars and original work separate entities. He also complimented my work, and took one of the cards! I think the biggest compliment I received all week was when JAKe already knew who I was...through THIS BLOG! Awesome! Thanks for your time and kind words, JAKe!

With Katie Cook, the person I owe it all to!

Katie Cook didn't seem to remember me, but I sure remember her. For any of you usual readers here, she's the one who suggested posting work in the fanart forums on Star Wars message boards...which led to this whole gig in the first place!! I was so thrilled to meet her and thank her again for her advice in person, and she too was kind enough to take a photo.

I can't tell you how much of a rush it was mingling with these obscenely talented artists. All I wanted to do was go home and get back to work immediately! I can't thank them enough for their advice, and I promise not to let them down.

This week's woman of Star Wars digital sketch card is coming at you from another corner of the EU: Guri from Shadows of the Empire (in her SOTE: Evolution duds)! Special thanks to my girlfriend Alicia for posing!

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