Thursday, April 19, 2012

SVA's INK iTunes App!

My Alma mater, The School of Visual Arts, asked me to do a few pages for their cartooning magazine, which is available FREE if you own the Apple products capable of viewing them! Simply shimmy on over to your iTunes store, and search for "SVA INK", and download the Spring 2012 issue! Or you can hit the links below:

You can find it for iPad HERE or for the iPhone HERE!

Once you've downloaded it, simply turn the "pages" to the table of contents, and tap the box with my name on it!

I was honored to do 3 pages of an original story for them (that's right, a comic that IS NOT STAR WARS!), and had a great deal of fun with the art and coordinating with the editor, Trent. If you're able to, definitely check them out! I'll also be posting them here and on DA in a few days for anyone unable to download the magazine. There's a lot of great comic art by other alumni, as well as faculty and students. Definitely worth a look!

A little about my story: Since I'm so strapped for time, I decided it would be the spiritual replacement for my Starkiller "Rendezvous with Death" story. Working on the Siren motion comic, as well as all of my paid work, I knew I wouldn't have much time to work on the Starkiller comic again, so I went ahead and used this opportunity to utilize the Alan Seeger poem that I dig so much. I hope you'll check it out and enjoy it!!

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