Friday, October 22, 2010

Women of Star Wars Week 15

I can't believe it's been 15 weeks already! This week marks the end of my Women of Star Wars digital sketch card series, and I'm ending it with THE definitive woman of Star Wars: the one and only Leia Organa Solo.

Hopefully a treat for you all, here's a look at the full Women of Star Wars series all together. Phew!

Finally, I'm also take this opportunity to announce the next series of 10 digital sketch cards: Men of the Expanded Universe! Not that drawing women tired me out or anything, but I already drew the women of the expanded universe that I really dig, and when I sat down to come up with a new list, these 10 came to me easily, and all happened to be dudes! Here's the first one to coincide with the release of The Force Unleashed II next week....Galen Marek, A.K.A. Starkiller!

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