Friday, June 25, 2010

Content Dump! Plus More to Come!

Hey all!

So my weeks have been really busy with all of this exciting stuff transpiring lately. Some updates:

- It seems as if the Celebration V banner for is FINALLY done! I promise to have it here as soon as they reveal it. I'm really happy with it!!

- I'm now working to convert that banner into a web-friendly version to be used on's Celebration V forums. I'll link that once it goes up.

- I've started a Nintendo 64 cover redesign Art Jam, and will be re-doing Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire!

- I made some more badges just for fun, using old Digital Sketch Cards I did a few months back. I think Ackbar is a great one! Ghost Yoda and Bossk is also here.

- Finally, here is the last exclusive badge I will be submitting to's Badge contest. The folks on those boards have been very receptive and I feel really lucky to have received so much positive feedback!

So as you can see, there's plenty of content in the works that will make its way here very soon! You have my word. =)

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