Sunday, December 30, 2012

"Panic Over Muunilinst" Teaser Trailer

One year ago, my friends and followers here on DeviantArt encouraged the silly notion of turning a short original 8 page comic into a motion comic. I cannot describe just how incredible the experience was. World class voice acting, a humbling degree of positive responses, overwhelming amounts of external promotion, and the most satisfying of all -- the chance to fulfill my vision as an artist.

During the four months of production time of TSOD, there were many times my excitement and fatigue got the best of me and I thought "I can't wait to finish this." A week after completing it, I was already disappointed to not be working on it anymore.

"The Siren of Dathomir" was my love letter to Star Wars. Now, "Panic Over Muunilinst" is my love letter to the Star Wars community. I've said before that if you guys will continue to view me and my work, I will keep producing it. You guys said you wanted more motion comics, more Star Wars, and much to my delight, more Captain Fordo. Well, you got it. I genuinely hope you will enjoy where I take the character over the next two motion comics. While still a very blatant homage to the Micro-series, I'm going to take this character to some possibly surprising places. We established that Fordo was a free thinker in TSOD, but soon we are going to see what that actually means.

I'd like to give a quick special mention to Karl LaClair & Jason Hunt for their stellar voice acting in the trailer, as well as David "MEEQ" Lajara for his AMAZING rendition of the "ARC Trooper Suite," which you'll be hearing a lot more of in the full motion comic! Finally, a quick shoutout to Chris Duhaze for his awesome trooper design for one of Red Mist squad's newest members, Crispy.

I hope you'll join me and my favorite ARC Captain in 2013, when he and his Red Mist squad take to the skies of Muunilinst, and deal with some horrific shit.

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