Thursday, July 12, 2012

TSOD Write-Ups, And My Thanks

Wow. It's only 6 days since TSOD was uploaded, and we're already well past 2 thousand views. Mind you, that's nothing in the grand scheme of YouTube views, but it certainly isn't as much as I expected in less than one week. Even more exciting are the amount of likes...and the amount of dislikes. As I write this, thousands of Star Wars fans have watched this, and not one has "disliked" it. That in and of itself is a huge accomplishment.

I know I'm making a big deal out of a ten minute long motion comic, acting like it's a swan song, but I've invested so much solo time and energy to create this project that the amount of positive feedback I've received is astounding and replenishing me. It took a lot out of me, but I loved every moment, and I can't begin to express the pride I feel both as an artist, and as a Star Wars fan looking to have contributed to the audience I've been a part of for so long.

I know I've fallen out of the habit of updating every Friday, but it's been that busy. I promise to start doing a whole lot more of that here, so people, if any, can benefit from this journey of mine!

There are now some people I want to thank. The first is James Arnold Taylor for his help and guidance on this project. I can't say enough about him, just like anyone else who knows him. The man is a constant source of positive energy and encouragement. I am truly blessed for the opportunity to have worked with him in and out of TSOD.

I'd also like to thank those who have taken the time to do write-ups for the project: - Dustin Roberts
Jedi News - Mark Newbold
Lightsaber Rattling -  Peter Morrison
Blog Full of Words - Megan Crouse
HeroPress - Tim Knight
Rag-NERD-rok - Alex Costello
Whatever is Lovely - Melissa Zayas
Customs For the Kid 

Just to name a few!

Also, everyone who used the powers of the interwebs and social networking to promote the project. Just to name a few (I'm sure I'll miss some): Ben Payton (of, Robert Jenner (from, Karl LaFrancois (From the Wampa's Lair Podcast), Chris Smith (from the Sarlacc Pit Podcast), Jimmy Mac (of the ForceCast), Ruark Dreher (of "Hughes the Force"), Stephen Stanton (professional voice actor), Grant Gould (LFL Star Wars artist), and many, many, many more. Everyone who shared it, or left an encouraging comment on Facebook, really, thank you.

As stated in the video, I couldn't have done this without my followers on DeviantART. Special shout-out to you guys!

I'd also like to thank my best friend, Joe Sorbera. He's been with me since WELL before the beginning. Before I had any inkling that I'd be anywhere near the Star Wars world that I am now. He's put up with me being a bossy, and often times, overly frustrated band mate, a grumpy drunken prude that hates crowded bars, and much more for more than a decade. More recently, he's been my designated "Mother Hen" at conventions, and I can only hope he continues to do so, because this ride is too awesome to experience alone. I can't wait to hit CVI with him. I mention him here because no matter how much about my projects I mention (more often than not it's the ONLY thing I talk about), he's always genuinely excited for me, as both my brother and a true Star Wars fan. So hats off to him, and the Honoji Temple.

Finally, you know how at the end of an acceptance speech, they always thank their significant other? Well, while I'm not married, and I'm not accepting any awards, I do think it's important for me to save the best for last all the same. In the last week, my girlfriend Alicia has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help promote this. She's reached out to so many sources, trying to help me promote this project, taking hundreds of shots in the dark. She even showed me how to use my Twitter account more effectively, even though she was the one doing all the hard parts with it before handing it over to me again. Let me tell you, I now know what it's like to be an old person learning to use the internet for the first time. She's also responsible for the awesome press release that many of the blogs have used as source material. Most importantly, though, she's been a constant pillar of support in the last 2 year adventure of faking it until I make it as an artist. She's put up with being put second and promises broken in the name of my dream, and though each of those broke my heart to do, she always forgave me and told me to push this career even harder. I'm a workaholic, and yet, she's still beside me. Without her, there's a good chance I would still be rotting in some office, wasting time and talent that God decided to bless me with. Alicia, I love you.

Please be sure, if you have not already, to watch the video itself and let me know what you think. And for the record, if I can match/surpass the quality of "The Siren of Dathomir," I promise that the line "No sequels for you" will not apply to my motion comics...Just that one pesky trouble-maker. Thanks so much, all.

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