Monday, May 21, 2012

TSOD Teaser Trailer Is Coming...

May 31st, 2012. That's the day of the big announcement regarding "The Siren of Dathomir" fan motion comic, guys! At least, as of right now it is!

On Thursday, May 31st, I'll be opening the floodgates with a teaser trailer of the motion comic I've been kicking my own butt to get done. With that teaser trailer comes the HUGE announcement attached to it. I AM SO FREAKING PUMPED TO FINALLY TELL YOU GUYS.

Some news that I CAN share, in the meantime, is that I've received permission from the VERY talented Dominique Ventura to use her original song, "The Siren's Song", as the Siren of Dathomir's alluring melody in the motion comic. I'm super excited about it because, frankly, listening to that song inspired the original web comic that the motion comic is based off of!

Go check it out here!

And check out her channel here.

May 31st....I can't wait!

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