Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Constructive Vs. Destructive Criticism

Okay, sorry for not being around the last few weeks -- it's been BUSY! I'm gonna be posting the next few days to make up for it, though!

Anyway, I wanted to bring a great article written by a friend of mine to your attention, because it's something I've been picking up on myself.

Melissa Zayas is one of the most talented individuals I had the pleasure of meeting at the School of Visual Arts. She's a fantastic draftsman (is draftswoman a word?), a wizard with inking, and is some kind of witch when it comes to capturing the essence of specific time periods, because you'd think she lived through them herself. Long story short: Melissa knows her stuff.

She put together this blog post (and I'm gonna say it right now, YES, I am TOTALLY promoting myself because I get a mention in it, but this is a bigger issue than me) about the way people criticize online. Now, I am EXTREMELY fortunate to have so many awesome people following my work. Most of you guys send me lots of awesome positive comments, and those of you that see things worth criticizing ALWAYS do so in a very civilized, respectful, and helpful manner...

But there's always that ONE GUY. You know the one. That one in every 500 comments I receive, the dude who doesn't know how to approach someone to tell them "hey, you drew this leg really weird, here's what you should do." I see this a lot on other people's DA accounts too, and it's the huge problem of anonymity on the internet. People act like pricks because there are no consequences.

ANYWAY, enough from me. Melissa said it a lot better. Go check out her journal and weigh in. While you're there, check out her work and leave her some love. And hey, it's her birthday tomorrow! Wish her a happy one! You can also go see the actual blog post itself here.

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