Friday, December 10, 2010

FREE Sketch Cards!

Sup, guys!

A few weeks ago, to celebrate getting the Topps gig, I offered the first 20 people to respond to my journal a free sketch card request, to be mailed to the requester once they were finished. It was a hit for sure, and ended up accepting 23 requests since it seemed to be so popular! The pic above is the finished set!

Now, onto the usual fun part of the week, the 8th digital sketch card! This one is from a SUPER obscure corner of the Expanded Universe, Star Wars Tales issue # 2 in the year 1999. He's actually an unknown Jedi disguised as a rock miner from the vignette called "Incident at Horn Station." He's nicknamed "Pinky" by some jerk who gets what's coming to him, and this dude saves the day like a TOTAL badass! I highly recommend reading the story if you get the chance. Anyway, enjoy "Pinky"!!

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